Issue #2 2020

Issue #2 - 2020 Editorial The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has the world in a severe grip, with national measures in Europe ranging from lockdowns to less severe restrictions. The world is waiting for a vaccine, and a promising breakthrough was reached when Pfizer/BioNtech published its first results in November [...]

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Issue #1 2020

Issue #1 - 2020 Editorial While writing these few words and preparing to send the next issue of Stockholm IP Law Review to the print, the world as we know it is not the same. It has been some five months since the first news of the COVID-19 outbreak [...]

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Issue #2 2019

Issue #2 - 2019 GUEST EDITORIAL PREFACE Food is a subject that all of us can relate to. While reading this you might be thinking about where to go for lunch or what to make for dinner. Maybe you remember those perfectly matched tastes of your favorite dish–a dish [...]

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Issue #1 2019

Editorial Preface   “Some industries are different but some are more different than others. The pharmaceutical industry fits the latter category” (Scherer 1996:336). There is really no other industry where the nature of the products, the economics of research and development as well as the market structure and the societal implications of the industry’s [...]

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Issue #2 2018

In this issue, we are proud to present the works of a talented group of young researchers. Stockholm university master graduates Kate Galilee and Ana Barbu publish articles based on their master theses in copyright law. Galilee analyses the ‘panorama exception’ for uses of public architectural works and Barbu writes about the ‘parody exception’ [...]

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Issue #1 2018

Modern intellectual property law presents an impressive web of interaction with economy, technology, creative arts and business. We live in a constant stream of impressions from all over the world and from a multitude of diferent sources. Still, we tend to move in familiar patterns or circles, regarding the evolving currents from a mind-set [...]

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