The Stockholm IP Law Review

The Stockholm University Intellectual Property Law Review (SIPLR) is a student-led journal of legal scholarship with a focus on European Intellectual Property Law. The primary purpose of SIPLR is to create an academic legal forum where the most influential and significant topics of IP law are discussed by students, scholars and lawyers.

SIPLR is published twice a year in June and in December. Volumes are available in both physical and electronic copies. Pieces published include articles, case notes and book reviews. Articles are approximately 10,000 words, case notes are typically 3000 words and book reviews are regularly 1500 words. Submissions from current Master’s students, Stockholm University professors, distinguished academics, alumni, practising lawyers and sitting judges are accepted.

Articles submitted to SIPLR are subject to an extensive editing process. All submissions will be inspected by content editors (academics) and student editors. Content editors verify that all claims included in a piece are factually correct, consistent and sufficiently supported. Student editors conduct a detailed proofread and suggest alterations to the pieces overall structure and style.