From open access to open science – The interface between IP, academia and the market


SIPLR is proud to present the return of its annual in-person conference.

This year, the conference “From open access to open science – The interface between IP, academia and the market” will discuss the current status of open access for research and academia, as well as future developments involving the access and creation of new IP in such platforms. The debate will include speakers from academia and the publishing industry, covering aspects from IP to labour law.

The conference will take place in Stockholm on 01 June 2022, from 1:00pm to 5:30pm (CEST). 



Part I

Open Access – from a policy objective to the practicalities of academic publishing

13.00 1. Policy goals and where are we at now? (Prof. Frantzeska Papadopoulou)

13.20 2. Open Access publishing; what is it and how to work with it (Sofie Wennström)

13.50 3. The Right to Science: Then and Now (Prof. Helle Porsdam)

Part II

Open Access – where copyright meets labour law, freedom of the press and contracts

14.20 1. Open Access a new challenge for traditional copyright law or new opportunities ahead? (Prof. Jens Schovsbo)

14.50 2. Open access and the labour law perspective (Prof. Petra Herzfeld-Olsson)

15.20 3. Open Access publication and the legal framework for SU employees (LenaKim Kyoung Svenungsson Arctaedius)

15.40 First panel concerning part I and II: Open Access from policy to legal reality; a road covered with roses?

Part III

The Economics of Open Access

16.10 1. Open Access; Open Science a viable business model (Yashar Mansoori & Patrick Joyce)

16.40 2. The reality of academic publication in Sweden and abroad? (David Kinell)

17.00 Second panel concerning part III: Is Open Access more than a policy objective; a viable”